How I work

Getting to know you and the challenges you face

I take time to listen, to understand the context, what you are seeking to achieve and your overall purpose. I ask the difficult questions. So that together we can get to the heart of the issue and agree our communication objectives.

A 360-degree approach

We start with your stakeholders – your own people, your customers and partners, community leaders, politicians, and so on. What do they think or believe now? What do you want them to believe? What do you want them to do? 

What are your key messages? Can you back them up with clear and credible evidence? Which stories will bring emotional resonance to your messages? We’re living in a post-truth world where appeals to emotion and personal belief influence public opinion more than objective facts.

We look at ways to reach your stakeholders – face to face meetings, media relations, social and online, events, emailers, video and so on.

Then we bring it all together in a plan - who will do what, when, with what, to reach which stakeholders, via which channel? Crafted with insight, expertise and creativity.

Now let’s get communicating

The thinking is done. Now it’s all about delivery, with a relentless focus on detail and results. Bringing in my associates as necessary. Building your own confidence and capabilities. Measuring as we go, to see if we are achieving the right outcomes and if not, what we need to do differently.


Making it enjoyable

Doing it all with passion, energy and a sense of fun!



Working with Linda is always a rewarding and pleasurable experience. Linda challenges, drives for quality and delivers a high standard of work. Her skills and experience in a variety of industries and channels ensure a well-rounded approach and outcome.

Stefanie Morrow, Director of Business Transformation at Specsavers

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